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About Us

Our driving school in White Plains, Maryland was founded because we wanted parents to feel that their children and loved ones were truly cared for. Our teenage and adult students take behind-the-wheel and classroom lessons and learn skills that are critical to their futures. PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE – NO DEPOSIT OR LEARNER’S PERMIT REQUIRED!

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About James Keller Driving School

Mark’s School of Driving was born out of two needs identified by our founder, Mark DeHetre:

To see that his teen-aged daughters had a driving education that was personal, rather than mass produced. The recognition that the busy schedule of today’s teens and their families often makes it difficult to fit in formal driving instruction.

With these concepts, Mark sought to design a system that would be personal and flexible, as well as meet all the demands of the State of Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. The result is our advantage: Not only will we offer classes and driving instruction at traditional times, we will work with groups to tailor a schedule that will work for them. And our patient, caring approach to driving instruction will ensure that students feel empowered, not intimidated.


Our school was founded because we wanted parents to feel like their students were truly cared about as they learn a skill that is both critical to their future as successful adults, and potentially threatening to their lives and the lives of others. Our instructors teach like parents (patient parents!). Our methods involve positive reinforcement, calm and steady direction, and a clear message that driving is a responsibility that should be taken seriously.

Students will not only learn the “mechanics” of operating a vehicle, staying in the lane, maintaining a following distance, etc., but they’ll learn about other vehicles on the road, why trucks and buses behave the way they do, how to anticipate the bad choices of other drivers and drive defensively, how road rage occurs, and many other lessons that can help a student become a safe driver and not just a competent operator.

Mark DeHetre, Owner and Lead Instructor

Mark is a long-time resident of Southern Maryland, graduating from McDonough High School in 1992 and going on to serve in the United States Air Force. Upon leaving the service Mark began a career in electronics repair, specializing in medical equipment. His personality and professionalism led him to a successful career in the sale of capital medical equipment such as that used to outfit the operating rooms of the east coast’s most prestigious hospitals.

During this time Mark watched the explosion of the population in Southern Maryland as Charles County went from 4 high schools to 7 today. At the same time his first daughter was reaching driving age and Mark felt that he had more to offer her as a new driver than she would learn at a large driving school. Both of Mark’s daughters have grown up in the rich variety of sports programs available in Charles County and he heard other parents discuss the difficulty of balancing school schedules, sports commitments, church activities, and family obligations along with the hours needed behind the wheel and in the driving classroom.

Mark decided to combine his business acumen and his passion for seeing his daughters succeed and fill a need in the community for other parents with that same passion.

Our Mission

  • To provide professional, informed, and comfortable instruction that turns new or inexperienced drivers into safe, collision-free, and confident drivers.
  • To create a fun environment for instructors and students that fosters valuable learning and hands-on experience.
  • To teach our students to take the consequences of their actions seriously and respect the road.
  • To inform previous drivers with mediocre driving skills of the best defensive driving skills that will keep them free of collisions and tickets for life.