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Our driving school in White Plains, Maryland was founded because we wanted parents to feel that their children and loved ones were truly cared for. Our teenage and adult students take behind-the-wheel and classroom lessons and learn skills that are critical to their futures. PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE – NO DEPOSIT OR LEARNER’S PERMIT REQUIRED!

Please use mark.dehetre@marksdriving.com for any questions!
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Attention: Enjoy quality and convenience in the classroom and behind-the-wheel with Mark's School of Driving! Our classes are open to ALL new or inexperienced drivers looking to meet driver education requirements in the state of Maryland. We pick up directly from home, high schools, work, etc. for the behind the wheel driving sessions. Please note this includes pick up from schools listed below AS WELL AS others nearby. If you have any questions, please call us at 301-653-5577, and drive safe!

Class No.StartDateEndDateClass Times
130MondayMarch 8, 2021FridayMarch 19, 20215:00 – 8:15 PM
131MondayApril 12, 2021FridayApril 23, 20215:00 – 8:15 PM
132MondayMay 10, 2021FridayMay 21, 20215:00 – 8:15 PM
133MondayJune 21, 2021FridayJuly 2, 20215:00 – 8:15pm

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School NameStartDateEndDateClass Times

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Our driving packages help new or inexperienced drivers earn a driver’s license. Our sessions are built to accommodate the unique requirements of every student, and the lessons will adjust depending on the actual progress demonstrated by the student. Led by our professional and experienced instructors, these sessions deliver safe, confident, informed, and patient drivers to American roads. Students learn the best Defensive Driving education and the requirements to pass the road test administered by the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles.